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Chamberlain School District Cell Phone App

After many months of working with the developer, the CSD has an APP!  Below are instructions on how to access the app.  We will up-date the app each month (or as needed.)  If you know of something that should be on the app or you would like to see listed, please let me know and we'll see what we can do.
Dr. Debbie Johnson, Supt.

There are several ways to access the app...

Apple iPhone
On the iPhone App Store, search for Chamberlain Schools (there are lots of keywords, this is just an example)
App link HTML embed code for main website (optional):
<a href="" target="itunes_store">Chamberlain School District</a>

Google Android
On the phone app store, search for Chamberlain Schools

Web App (Proxy Aware App)
This is only if you need to use the app on the school network with proxy settings (on school WiFi), otherwise just download from the app store.  If the calendar and news feeds do not show up after trying the app store download, delete the app store app then use this method:
Open the Internet on the phone and browse to
On iPhone, click the bottom center button and then click "Add to Home Screen"


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