2016-17 Season Forecast

               The Chamberlain Gymnastics team is off and running, working hard to prepare for their first meet, which will be earlier than in the past.  We usually have our first meet at Wagner Invitational, but this year we will be going to Pierre for our season opener on Thursday, December 1st.  This is about 10 days earlier, but it will be nice to start the season with a smaller meet rather than a big invitational.  

          We have a total of 21 gymnasts to fill our roster this season.  This is definitely going to be a rebuilding year, as we graduated four very strong Senior gymnasts; Shantel Bairey, Amber Felicia, Brittney Naser, and Autumn Frederick.  We have lost 2 gymnasts who have switched schools; Haleigh Elwood and Laila King, also 2 gymnasts who will be unable to compete due to injuries that occurred prior to the season; Rylee Andera and Rhian Felicia who was a state placer last season, one of our top vaulters, and would be a returning letterman.  Without Rhian, the Cubs Gymnasts will only be competing 4 returning lettermen from last year; our only Senior: Tynia Zeman, Junior: Ciara Hough, our only Sophomore: Mikayden Weston, and an eighth grader: Kazney Knippling.  These are also the only gymnasts who have had the experience of participated in a state meet.  We have 9 returning gymnasts; two Juniors: Ashton Frederick and Jerica Steckelberg, five Freshmen: Sydney Andera, Alaina Bairey, Journey Hickey, Grace DuVall, and Mianna Tveit, two Eighth Graders: Alyssa Allen and Kathrinn Hopkins.  We have seven new members; Freshmen Macy Valandra and Shannon Brown, and 7th graders: Dusty Colombe, Lydia Day, Alexia Moctezuma, Zeta Naser and Cassandra Salisbury.

          We do have an inexperienced team, but all these girls have a ton of heart, dedication, and determination.  I am very hopeful for this season, as we competed the State meet with only 2 senior gymnasts, and we still managed to bring home our highest state meet finish of an impressive Runner Up title with the returning lettermen we have.  I look for these girls to bring in our top scores this season. Tynia is looking very good and continues to work hard and excel in expanding her skills!  Ciara has tons of ability and potential to be the 33 point all-arounder that we are going to need this season.  Mikayden has always been a strong competitor since 7th grade, but will really need to put forth her best effort to stay on top.  Kazney is much stronger this year than she was as a 7th grader, just needs the experience and opportunity to improve her difficulty and execution.   I am counting on Jerica, Ashton, and our Freshmen to really step up and fill in the gaps.  I also feel that our 8th graders are pretty talented and could earn some varsity spots as well.   We all know that Madison will once again be at the top of the leader board.  I feel Deuel will be a top contender this season as they did not graduate any gymnasts and gained a very competitive 8th grade gymnasts with club experience.   Wagner could be strong as they were a close 3rd place at state and only graduated 2 seniors.  Britton will be strong as they only graduated 1 gymnast and will compete 5 seniors this season.  I also feel that Parkston will be a team to watch out for.  They have a young team that is very skilled and gained some new competitors that will help with their team score.   

          Last year was plagued with injuries and setbacks and this year is looking to be a bit challenging, but I have faith in this team, and know they will pull together and do what needs to be done to be successful.  We cannot predict what the other teams may have, but if we do our part and work diligently, we should be pretty competitive. 

                                                                                          Coach Knippling