Visual Arts

INTRODUCTION TO ART (Grades 9-12) Elective½ Credit

This course is a prerequisite for all other art courses. Basic drawing will be introduced, and students will complete 2 and 3 dimensional projects in a variety of media as a means of exploring design elements and principles of art.

DRAWING (Grades 9-12) Elective½ Credit
*Prerequisite = Intro to Art

Students will explore drawing through dry media including pencil, charcoal, chalk, conte crayon and scratchboard, as well as wet media such as pen, brush, ink washes, and mixed media. Students will use drawing to interpret the human figure, elements of landscape, still life, and perspective as it applies to buildings.

SCULPTURE & CREAMICS (Grades 9-12) Elective½ Credit
*Prerequisite = Intro to Art

Paper, plaster, clay, wood and wire will be materials available to explore relief, subtractive and additive sculpture methods. With clay, students will create an original hand built ceramic pot using the coil method. In addition, students will be introduced to, practice, and produce wheel thrown pottery/sculptures.

PAINTING (Grades 10-12) Elective ½ Credit
*Prerequisite = Drawing
[Offered Alternate Years]

Students will explore painting as a means of communication, review color theory, and delve into the relationship between the elements and principles of design in planning and organizing visual space. Media such as tempera, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, collage and mixed media will be explored in a variety of subject matter, such as still life, people, the natural environment, and non-objective art.