Foreign Language

SPANISH IA & IB (Grades 9-12)                   Elective                  1 Credit

This is the entry level course for learning to speak, read, and write the Spanish language through the use of daily conversation, oral drills, written drills, worksheets and dialogues.  Tapes are used to practice critical listening skills and to listen to native speakers.


SPANISH IIA & IIB (Grades 10-12)               Elective                  1 Credit
*Prerequisite = Spanish IB

More advanced study of the Spanish language. Emphasis is placed on speaking and reading the language and increasing vocabulary. A cultural unit will be included in which the student chooses a foreign country, prepares a report on that country, and shares it with the class, to end the year with an understanding of Spanish.


SPANISH IIIA & IIIB (Grades 11-12)             Elective                  1 Credit
Prerequisite = Spanish IIB

The class is an overall grammar review with the main emphasis on literature, writing skills and speaking.  Students will write in a journal, as well as read and discuss literature.