Social Studies


World Geography is an analysis of the economic, social, and geographical positions of countries throughout the world. There is an emphasis on current geographical related events. There is extensive use of maps of the world’s geographical and physical features.


WORLD HISTORY (Grades 9-11) Elective ½ Credit

This course gives an overview of man’s history on this planet. Included are pre-historic times and historical periods classified as ancient, classical, medieval, and modern from the beginning of World War I up to the Vietnam War.


CURRENT AFFAIRS (Grades 10-12) Elective ½ Credit

This course uses the award-winning Newsweek magazine as the textbook. The students investigate items that are shaping our world today. Students discuss how problems in the world will affect the United States and our future.


United States History is an analysis of history from the Civil War to present. There is an emphasis on history from World War II to present.



American Studies is a team-taught interdisciplinary class offering required credit in both US History and for grade 11 Language Arts (American Literature and Writing & English 11). American history and literature from 1500 to present will be covered. The course instills a global consciousness and an awareness of regional issues.

The class will meet two hours per day for the entire year and is open to juniors of all abilities. The course is student-centered with an emphasis on active learning, peer teaching, and cooperative learning. Students write several papers, including formal essays that require analysis and synthesis, and a family history or biography based on oral history of the ‘30s, ‘40s, or ‘50s, as well as scripts for projects.

SOCIOLOGY (Grades 11-12) Elective ½ Credit

Students will learn the terminology of sociology and participate in numerous discussion topics. Students will study the following five areas: 1) the historical origins of sociology, 2) the product of group living – culture, 3) the individual in the midst of human groups and the impact of human relationships on personality, 4) the general organization of society, its universal social processes, class structures, and institutions, 5) the large number of social problems created by present day living including welfare, crime, war, etc.


CRIMINAL JUSTICE (Grades 11-12) Elective ½ Credit

This course is a study of our criminal justice system. Students will study the federal, state, local and tribal law. Active class participation will be required. Key elements of the course will be discovered through in-class as well as out-of-classroom involvement of students with individuals and agencies representing the law enforcement and judicial systems.


US GOVERNMENT 12 (Grade 12) REQUIRED ½ Credit

This course is an overview of our local, state and federal government.


PSYCHOLOGY (Grade 12) Elective ½ Credit

This is a course designed to explore personalities, developmental stages, the mind and its relation to behavior.