About Cross Country

What is Cross-Country?

Originally a way for track runners to stay in shape during the off season, Cross-Country was started in the late 1950s. While usually run on a golf course, our teams have raced on roads, horse race tracks, off road four-wheel drive trails, forest trails, polo grounds, and on snow.

By the mid 1970s, the race distances were standardized. The Boy’s Varsity distance is 5000 meters (3.2 miles.) The Girls Varsity standardized to 5000 meters in 2015.The Girls JV, and Boy’s JV races are 4000 meters (2.4 miles).

During the 69-day season, the 6 boy’s Varsity runners put in about 375 miles, preparing for ten races. The 6 Varsity girls cover about 275 practice miles. The JV runners will run mileage comparable to the girls, racing nine races. The JV runners don’t compete at the state meet.