Business Education

BASIC GENERAL BUSINESS (Grades 9-12)                           Elective ½ Credit

Students will be introduced to the basic business concepts of marketing and economics.  They will develop an understanding of the foundations and functions of marketing, and will include such topics as customer service, the marketing mix, marketing research and target marketing.


BUSINESS PRINCIPLES (Grades 10-12)                                  Elective ½ Credit
Prerequisite=BasicBusiness/Instructor Approval

This course focuses on more advanced topics in business including types of businesses, business operations, and management.  Topics that will be included are: business and its environment, forms of business ownership, information and communication systems, production, marketing, financial and human resources management, and management responsibilities.


BUSINESS MATH (Grades 10-12)                                               Elective ½ Credit

This course has a value for consumer as well as business use.  The beginning units develop the fundamental principles and operations through a study of problems faced by every individual in his/her daily life.  The principles and processes developed in the beginning are applied to savings and investments, home ownership, travel and transportation, taxes, and to problems arising in the operation of various types of business enterprise including problems of the small businessperson and the independent farmer.


ACCOUNTING I-A & I-B (Grades 10-12)                                     Elective 1 Credit

Students will learn all phases of a general accounting system for a sole proprietorship (one-owner business) and a partnership.  Students will learn how to start an accounting system, record transactions in a variety of journals, and prepare financial statements for a business. Second semester (I-B) continues with more applications and skill development in basic accounting practices.  Students will be introduced to careers in accounting and investigate future education needed for such a career. Automated accounting procedures are integrated throughout the course.


ACCOUNTING II (Grades 11-12)                                                  Elective ½ Credit
*Prerequisite = Accounting IA & IB

Students will develop an understanding of the accounting cycle for a corporation.  Students will demonstrate accounting procedures used in an accounting system for a corporate merchandising business.  Students will also demonstrate accounting procedures for forming and dissolving business organizations.


OCCUPATIONAL PREP (Grades 10-12)                                   Elective ½ Credit

This course will cover: career interests, job searching, job applications and resumes,  job interviewing, starting a job, job training, job relations (employer-employee, co-worker, and customer relations), pay checks and benefits, leaving a job, and portfolio development.   


ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Grades 11-12)                                    Elective ½ credit
*Prerequisite = basic Business 

This course will focus on the skills needed to be successful in  modern business.  The course will be useful for anyone that will deal with business/commerce in the future.  Topics that will be included are: word processing, telecommunications, information processing systems, time and work-station management, office safety and security, records management, and communication skills.


BUSINESS LAW (Grades 11-12)                                                  Elective ½ Credit

This course will deal with the law in the business community.  This course will prepare students to recognize and understand how the law works in their community and throughout the country.  It will provide students with an understanding of the legal system in the United States, in particular as it relates to the business world.