Computer Science

COMPUTER I (Grades 9-11)                                     REQUIRED  ½ Credit

The main emphasis of the course is to give students a better understanding of computers and how they work.  Students will work with word processing, spreadsheets, graphics and personal applications.


COMPUTER II (Grades 9-12)                                    Elective ½ Credit
Prerequisite = Computer I

 The focus of this course is desktop publishing. A variety of computer tools are used to create documents. Each of these tools, or programs, specializes in different areas such as painting, drawing, charting, and text manipulation. The output from these programs then can be used in page layout programs to make a finished copy.  Journalism and Yearbook also use these programs.


INTERNET & MULTI-MEDIA  (10-12)                      Elective ½ Credit
Prerequisite = Computer I

Students will learn advanced computer skills by maintaining and upgrading web pages on the internet, developing advanced search skills, using Power Point to create group presentations, and developing advanced data base management skills. 


COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (Grades 10-12)     Elective ½ Credit
*Prerequisite = Computer II

Students will gain an understanding of current programming language, and acquire skill in using the language through hands-on experience in developing various programs for class projects and activities.