Family and Consumer Sciences

FAMILY AND CONSUMER SKILLS (Grades 9 – 12)Elective ½ Credit

This is an introductory course designed to cover relationships with family and friends; managing resources; educational play activities for children; nutrition and foods; serging/sewing; wellness; and leadership skill areas using group activities and modules.


ADVANCED NUTRITION & WELLNESS (Grades 9 – 12) Elective ½Credit

This course covers: food preservation and safety, food additives, nutrition planning, special needs diets, and contemporary nutrition/health concerns, as well as food purchasing, storage and cookery principles. Awareness of nutrition related careers and food science experiments are included throughout the semester.


NUTRITION & WELLNESS (Grades 9 – 12)Elective ½ Credit

This course covers: physical health and fun with fitness; impact of nutrition; mental, emotional and social health; managing stress; drugs as medicine; health care services; first aid, safety and emergency care; communicable, sexually transmitted and no communicable health risks and responsibilities; health of the environment; and careers in family health.


CONSUMER ECONOMICS (Grades 9-11) Elective ½ Credit

This course will help students learn important skills necessary to becoming a responsible consumer. It has a strong focus on financial management including: goal setting and achievement, entrepreneurship, personal spending and savings, credit, investing and insurance. Career exploration comes through "The Real Game" simulation. Consumer skills, rights and responsibilities will be applied to everyday needs and wants in clothing, food and medical.


FAMILY RELATIONS (Grades 10-12) Elective½ Credit

This course covers: the management process and its application; understanding self; wellness as a resource; resumes, interviews and other job skills; financial resources; types and use of credit; advertising; nutrition, clothing maintenance, renting, transportation and leisure decisions. (pictures)


FAMILY HOUSING RESOURCES (Grades 10 – 12) Elective ½ Credit

This course covers: family as a foundation; family changes; strengthening relationships; communication and conflict resolution; partner selection/marriage readiness/commitment; balancing work and family; major life changes; money matters; elderly; death and dying; and related careers.


HUMAN DEVELOPMENT I (Grades 10 – 12) Elective ½ Credit

This course covers: influence of childhood; parent/child relationships; birth defects; complications to pregnancy and costs; prenatal development and delivery; effects of a newborn on the family; physical, emotional, social and intellectual developments through age 6; health and safety; problem situations; children in other cultures; and careers. Baby Think It Over and on site experiences are included.


HUMAN DEVELOPMENT II (Grades 11-12)Elective ½ Credit

This course cover is a continuation of the Child Development class. It continues the exploration of development from the school age child to the elderly stage of development This course offers students the opportunity to explore the physical, mental, emotional and social changes as well as family and financial concerns. Students must have taken Child Development (pre-requisite).