Language Arts

Note:  Required Language Arts classes at each grade level classes include in their description,  “*also can be taken as a Title I class.”  This means any qualified students as determined by the Title I director may enroll in the Title I version of the class.


COMPOSITION/GRAMMAR I (Grade 9)                                                      REQUIRED           ½ Credit

This class focuses on the mechanics of English Grammar: parts of speech, subject/verb agreement, sentence structure, and punctuation.  These grammar basics are applied through the four modes of writing: narration, description, exposition, and persuasion.  Students receive a solid grammar/composition base for their high school career.  *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


ENGLISH LITERATURE (Grade 9)                                                              REQUIRED           ½ Credit

Ninth grade students read various literatures during this class: poetry, short stories, a novel, non-fiction, and drama.  The focus is on learning skills that will allow students to interpret what they read, to analyze the work critically, and to gain an understanding of each literary work.  Composition and vocabulary also play an instrumental role in this class.  *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


COMPOSITION/GRAMMAR II (Grade 10)                                                   REQUIRED           ½ Credit

This class includes grammar, composition, and literature. The grammar section includes the usage of prepositional phrases, verbals, and dependent clauses.  The literature covers various writing styles from the anthology.  Compositions and oral reports are also required. *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


SPEECH 1 (Grade 10)                                                                                     REQUIRED           ½ Credit

This class involves a variety of speech styles and purposes.  General activities include textbook studies, outlines, oral interpretation, informative and persuasive topics, a process/demonstration speech, discussion, and parliamentary procedure practice. *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


Note: Juniors have the two choices for their Language Arts credit: 1) American Studies for 2 periods all year which also encompasses the required US History credit; 2) American Literature and Writing & English 11– ½ credit each.

AMERICAN STUDIES 11 (Grade 11)                                                          REQUIRED-CHOICE          2 Credits

American Studies is a team-taught interdisciplinary class offering required credit in both US History and for grade 11 Language Arts (American Literature and Writing & English 11).  American history and literature from 1500 to present will be covered. The yearlong class meets two hours per day and is open to juniors of all abilities. The course uses active learning, peer teaching, and cooperative learning.  Students write several papers, including formal essays that require analysis and synthesis, and a family history or biography, as well as scripts for projects. (pictures)


AMERICAN LITERATURE  (Grade 11)                                                        REQUIRED-CHOICE          ½ Credit

This literature class focuses on an appreciation of our heritage through a study of American literature and its historical background.  It includes an investigation of early Native American myths and legends, excerpts from journals of early explorers, autobiographies of early statesmen, official documents such as The Declaration of Independence, tales of adventure and war and contemporary poetry and drama.  *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


COMPOSITION/GRAMMAR III (Grade 11)                                                 REQUIRED-CHOICE          ½ Credit

In this composition course students discuss and write about American Literature, focusing on the four modes of writing (description, narration, exposition, and persuasion).  Emphasis is on grammar, capitalization, punctuation, style and research of a literary paper. *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


Note:  Seniors have two choices for their required Language Arts credit: 1) the full year credit of Advanced Placement English; 2) one of these ½ credit writing classes: Composition 12 or Technical Communications, and one of these ½ credit reading classes: British Literature or Short Story.

COMPOSITION/GRAMMAR IV (Grade 12)                                                REQUIRED-CHOICE          ½ Credit

Composition is designed to develop students’ reading and writing skills through discussion, analysis, and writing (including a research paper and various essays). Other content includes analogies, metaphors/similes, proofreading, vocabulary, and a variety of writing styles. *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


TECHNICAL WRITING 12               (Grade 12)                                         REQUIRED-CHOICE          ½ Credit

This course focuses on skills required in composing technical documents for the workplace. Computers are used to insure that writings are direct, clear and readable.  Research is conducted through reading, using the Internet and conducting interviews.


CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE (Grade 12)                                        REQUIRED-CHOICE          ½ Credit

This course offers a study of the many facets of British history and literature.  Students gain knowledge of the different eras in English literature and characteristics of each.  Students become familiar with various literary styles throughout England's history. *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


SHORT STORY 12 (Grade 12)                                                                   REQUIRED-CHOICE          ½ Credit

Students actively read short stories and analyze the elements of plot, character, point of view, setting and theme.  Students develop an appreciation for many different types of short stories-science fiction, action, adventure and mysteries.  Students discover the author's intention and what is being said about life and the human experience.                     

COMPOSITION/GRAMMAR AP 12  (Grade 12)                                      REQUIRED-CHOICE          1 Credit
*Prerequisite = Qualify Through Placement/Screening Test, and Instructor and Principal Approval Required

AP English is an accelerated course designed to prepare students to take the Advanced Placement English Exam in the spring, high scores on which are accepted for credit as Freshman English by most colleges.  The rigorous course encompasses language, literature, and composition. Interested students must qualify through the placement/screening test, and obtain instructor and Principal approval. Students must pay for their AP English Exam if they choose to take it


JOURNALISM (Grades 10-12)                                                                 Elective                                   1 Credit
*Prerequisite=Ave. “B” or better in English

Students who work on the school annual or yearbook will learn how to gather information, take photographs, do page layouts, write copy and captions, etc.  Students will make use of computer technology prepare their work.  Students must be able to work well with others under deadline pressures.  Students should enroll in both semesters.