PRE-ALGEBRA (Grades 9 – 11) 1 Credit

This course is for students who have had trouble with 8th.grade math and need another math course before taking Algebra I. *Also can be taken as a Title I class.


ALGEBRA I (Grades 9-12) Required 1 Credit
*Prerequisite = C in Math 8 or pass Pre-Algebra

This course is an extension of arithmetic and provides the foundation for other math courses. This course has been designed for the wide range of students taking first year algebra.

ALGEBRA II (Grades 9-12) 1 Credit
*Prerequisite = must pass Algebra I or Integrated Math

This course is a continuation of Algebra 1. New topics are introduced in exponents, logarithms, and sequences. The structure of the number system is emphasized in a development procedure from rational to irrational and to complex numbers. Trigonometry is included in the second quarter lessons. This is an excellent course for students preparing for college.


ADVANCED MATH (Grades 11-12) 1 Credit
*Prerequisite = must pass Algebra II

This course is designed for those who have had a good math background. It is the intent of this course to bridge the gap between high school math and college work. It will include the study of trigonometry, analytical geometry, and vector algebra.


GEOMETRY (Grades 10-12) 1 Credit
*Prerequisite = must pass Algebra II or Integrated Math

In geometry students will study points, lines, planes and how they relate to each other in both two dimensions and three dimensions as well as in a coordinate plane. Many of the solutions are related to and require a working knowledge of algebra. Geometry gives a student excellent training in correct methods of thinking and is good preparation for college.


AP CALCULUS (Grade 12) 1 Credit
*Prerequisite = must pass Advanced Math

This course will study all the topics of a beginning calculus class. It is the intent of this course to prepare students to pass the AP Calculus Exam. Each student must have a strong background in mathematics before taking calculus. Students should purchase a TI-89 calculator and must pay for their AP Calculus exam, if they choose to take it.