BAND (Grades 9-12) Elective1 Credit

The Band Program includes Marching Band, Concert Band and Pep Band. Members of the Band may participate on a voluntary basis in Jazz Band. There are no prerequisites for enrollment, but a minimum playing proficiency is needed to participate with the full band. The Band performs various concerts during the year as well as participates in competitions and festivals. Private lessons are available to all Band students if they wish. Other opportunities include All State Band or Orchestra, Solo and Ensemble Contest, Region V Band Festival and All State Jazz Band.


"It is tremendously rewarding for me to motivate my students to diligently strive for their personal best effort, work harmoniously together as a team, and perform with passion. I am blessed to work with amazing students in the field of music, which I love."

CONCERT CHOIR (Grades 9-12) Elective 1 Credit
*Audition Required

Concert choir is a performing group, made up of students that are selected by audition. The choir is limited to 70 members. Interested students will be required to audition with the director and other music faculty in the spring. The choir will present 3 concerts and also perform at large group contest. Other events the students may participate in are Show Choir, All-State Chorus, Solo and Ensemble Contest, and Honors Choir.

HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR (Grades 9-12)Elective½ Credit

Students will explore music through experience and study, rather than as a performance class. The course will include music history, music theory, composition, and technology. In this course, students will study music in all styles from all periods.


MUSIC THEORY (Grades 11-12) Elective½ Credit
*Prerequisite = strong music background

Students need to have a solid background in either vocal or instrumental music. Music Theory is an advanced course designed for students that may be interested in majoring in music in college. The class delves into the basics of melody, harmony and rhythm and how it can be used to better the student as a musician. A portion of the class will be spent using the tools learned to compose music of your own.